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40 Years of Engineering Experience ! !

Tear out existing concrete/asphalt/dirt and haul away

Replace excavated dirt with compacted rock base



Rubber expansion joints against existing concrete



Custom cedar expansion joints 6x6x10x10 wire mesh


3/8" rods through cedars
1/2" rods into foundation (where applicable), fiber mesh optional
Six sack mix, Meramec stone concrete, 4" thick minimum, 5" & 6" thick available options



Exposed Aggregate Finish



Mag Swirl Finish


Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good !                                            40 years or engineering experience                                       contact us today for your next concrete job.   314-843-7070                                                    Don't settle for 2nd best, call B&B Concrete today.   314-843-7070


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